History unfolds on the Esplanade

 On the 17th April 1948 at 12.15pm so the game would attract the lunchtime crowd, 35 brave men ran onto the Esplanade to play the first game of organised rugby league in this state.

They came from all over and represented on the day Fremantle and Perth districts. Many were from Rugby Union clubs who immediately banned them from the game. As much as seven played under assumed names to hide the fact from their employers so as not to lose their jobs for taking up what was perceived as the professional game. The game was refereed by Roy Williams, the top rugby union referee at the time and the likes of Ken Allen, Don Tonkin. Graham Washington, Joe McGuiness, Jim Carroll, Ray Moore, and Ken Ingram were sprinkled between the two teams. Perth districts won 25-17  but the score didn’t matter on the day, rugby league in this state had commenced.